An Introduction To Transitional Ministry
Resources For The Church In Transition

Season Of Transition

The time between the departure of a Lead Pastor and the arrival of a new Lead Pastor.

Intentional Transition

A deliberate process to identify strengths, address needs and move toward greater health prior to the search.

Stewardship of a Leadership Transition

Some biblical case studies of leadership transitions:

  • Pharoah (friend of Joseph) to Pharoah
  • Moses to Joshua
  • Samuel to Saul to David
  • Elijah to Elisha
  • Solomon to Rehoboam
  • Jesus to the Disciples
  • Paul to Timothy
The Big Idea

Seasons of transition are windows of opportunity for churches to experience spiritual renewal, increased health, focused vision, and mission prior to engaging in the pastoral search.

A Vision for Churches in Transition

  • To help churches thrive through the transition by providing leadership, resources, and support.
  • To hire a Lead Pastor from a posture of health with clarity of vision and mission.
The Ultimate Objective

To welcome the new Lead Pastor

  • to a healthy church that is experiencing renewal - spiritually, relationally, organizationally, and operationally.
  • who has been hired through a thoughtful, collaborative search process in dependence on the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Keep In Mind

Biblical case studies reveal a thoughtful discerned process is preferable. We should avoid a "where is our leader?" rushed decision. This is a time for us to become more Christ-centered. In the process, we need to have sensitivity to the pace of acceptance of our entire community; the early, mid, and late adopters.

This is an opportunity for healing, closure, and renewal of vision, which can often take time.