Church Health Assessment Presentation

Listening Event Summary

Gerry Teichrob gave us a summary of the recently hosted Listening Events and provides us an opportunity to understand where we are at in the pastoral transition process. You can view his summary notes by clicking here or watching the video.

Church Health Assessment

A major part of our Transitional process is the launch of the SAC Church Health Assessment.  This is a key step in preparing to search for a new Lead Pastor.  Your input in this process is welcomed, we invite you to participate.  This confidential assessment is available below. If you prefer to complete a paper copy, they are available at the church on Sundays or from the church office.

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Meet Our Transitional Coach
Rev. Gerry Teichrob

Gerry has served in pastoral ministry in Saskatoon, Kelowna, and Edmonton (1977-2002) with The Alliance Canada. Since 2005 he has served as the founder and director of Pathways Forward, a ministry dedicated to helping churches thrive through a pastoral transition. Gerry has worked with numerous churches, helping them move toward greater health and vitality prior to engaging in the pastoral search process. In addition to his transitional work with local churches, Gerry is also a founding partner of Better Church Boards. Gerry served as a coordinator/trainer/coach for the Transitional Pastor's Network of the Canadian Pacific District of The Alliance from 2006-2018. This network supports and equips a team of trained transitional ministry specialists committed to serving local churches through seasons of pastoral change. Gerry and his wife, Ruth, live in Langley, BC, and have two grown children and two grandchildren. Gerry enjoys fly fishing, walking, and playing bass with Quintessential Jazz Band.

'Introduction To Transition' Documents

Pastoral Transition Process

From Transition Coach Gerry Teichrob
What Do We Mean By 'In Transition?'

Surrey Alliance Church is currently in a season of transition as we go through an intentional process to prepare for a future search for a Lead Pastor. The church has engaged the services of Gerry Teichrob as Transitional Coach to assist in guiding the church through this process. Seasons of transition are primarily a time of spiritual formation and growth to help the church move towards greater health in four main areas - spiritual, relational, organizational, and operational. Transitional leaders come alongside to help the church thrive through the season of transition. View the Introduction to Transition notes to find out more about the key questions and major phases of the intentional transition process.

'Introduction to Transition' Notes
The Role of The Transitional Coach

The role of a Transitional Coach is to provide leadership and oversight for the intentional transition process including:

a) Ongoing guidance and communication for the Board of Elders as related to the transition process. The Transitional Coach is a guest participant with Elders throughout the transitional process.
b) Ongoing encouragement of the congregation that transition is a season of spiritual formation and discernment.

The Transitional Coach is directly accountable to the Elders. The Transitional Coach works in partnership with the Elders to achieve mutually agreed upon transitional objectives.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. To work with the Board of Elders and the church staff to move toward greater church health.
  2. To provide preaching ministry when specific transitional issues may need to be addressed.
  3. To be available to provide pastoral services if the need should urgently arise.
  4. To oversee an assessment process of the overall health of the congregation.
  5. To lead a process to gain, as needed, clarity of vision and mission prior to engaging in the pastoral search.
  6. To asssit with communication to the congregation on key issues related to the Transitional process, including assessment, results, plans, outcomes, and progress.

Limitations of the Transitional Coach's Role
A Transitional Coach is never a candidate for the Lead Pastor position. The Transitional Coach will not:

  • Set the long-term direction and vision for the church.
  • Hire or dismiss staff or volunteers (all staffing matters are dealt with in concert with the Elders).
  • Terminate ministries or ministry programs (these decisions, if needed, are dealt with in concert with the Elders).
  • Influence the outcomes of the search process.