Planning Your Visit


  1. The Basics
    Our address is 13474 96 Ave right in the heart of central Surrey, BC. King George Boulevard and 96 Avenue (just a block from the sky train), is a good reference point to know that you're in the right area! We're just one block west from the Tim Hortons you'll see at KG & 96! During the week you can give us a call at 604-584-7617, or if you have any questions you can email us at [email protected]

  2. Your Kids - 96 Avenue Kids
    We take your kids' experience just a seriously as we do our adult experiences. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to register your kids from birth through Grade 6. We have friendly staff at our Registration & Check-in station that will help get you and your child securely checked in along with a first time visitors welcome package, a nametag and security label. Don’t worry, after your first visit, checking in is a cinch and only takes a minute.

  3. What to Wear
    Figuring out what to wear can be stressful for some people so let's take the unknown out of the equation. Our highest value for your clothing is that you feel comfortable, whether you’re in jeans or dress pants, we’re very casual about what we wear. Just know that you'll feel right at home in a t-shirt and jeans.

  4. A Special Gift For You
    As you're on your way in, you'll see some signage for what we call the Welcome Centre. This is a space for getting to know what SAC is all about.  Once there, first time guests will receive a gift - a welcome mug with goodies in it along with a coupon for a free drink at our City Cafe! Stop by the City Cafe before or after the service for a complimentary drink! We'll whip you up something tasty from our menu for FREE.

  5. Worship
    Once you arrive, Greeters will be available to help you prepare for an exciting worship experience that consists of great music and engaging talks straight out of God's Word. Special provisions are available for children, who will be ushered into their own kids classes after the music portion of the service (about 25 minutes), allowing you the opportunity to focus on receiving all that God has planned for your visit.

  6. Get Connected
    When you visit, be sure to fill out a connect card provided during worship (they're in the pew racks right in front of you as you sit). The connect card allows us to plug you into the life of our community and to answer any questions that you may have.

  7. Who is Your Church Affiliated With?
    Surrey Alliance is part of a network of churches called the Christian & Missionary Alliance. In a nutshell, we are Bible-based, Christ-centered, and outward focused. Please see this link for more about who we are and what we believe.