It has been a complete honour and privilege to be leading Converge since Sept 2018. Feeling called by God towards ministry, I moved to Surrey in 2015 from Ottawa to attend Pacific Life Bible College (where I still currently attend), working towards a degree in Pastoral Leadership. 

Due to an intense love for music, I can often be found obnoxiously singing along with a musician at a variety of concerts or shows (though I cannot play an instrument to save my life)! 

When I moved away from home at 18 I spent several years living on the fringe of society and because of that I have come to understand many of the struggles that we can face… as well as the loving kindness and grace of God and how He has directly changed my life forever. From this experience it has become my mission to empower young people as leaders within their communities; through discussing scripture, engaging in meaningful relationship, and providing opportunity.

I look forward to meeting you. - Cameron