96 Avenue Kids

Birth to Grade 6: friends, fun, Jesus and celebrating being kids!


Kids matter a whole lot to God and we are “playing for keeps” with them!

ALL KIDS birth to grade 6 can get secure name tags from our foyer “Check In” desk. We take our kids experience as serious as our adult one on Sundays, of course with some fun thrown in! We love our kids and we want them to know that there is a BIG God that loves them even more.

Check out each class in the side bar to see what we are learning this month!

Thank you for entrusting your kids to our Kids Ministry Team, but we want you to be able to continue the conversations as you head home and into the week. If you have an elementary child watch for the Parent Cues that will come home.  

Parent Cues are designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future. As a parent, some of the most important things you do for your child don’t happen in a single day. You make small deposits in their life week after week—over time.

The Parent Cue App gives weekly cues to help you make the most of the time you spend with your kid or teenager. Available on Apple and Android devices.