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This Fall we will explore the faithfulness of God in every season and every circumstance.  Through the life of Joseph, we'll learn how our story fits into God's larger redemption story, even when life doesn't make sense. 

"For those of you who have ever wondered if your dark nights and crushing heartbreak were sure signs that God had forgotten or abandoned you, Joseph's story confidently tells us otherwise." (Kelly Minter)

Join us as we consider God's faithfulness in scarcity and abundance.

We will be offering two options for this study, an on-line option and a (socially distanced) in-person option.  Follow the link to either our on-line option or our in person option to sign up:

On-line option:

In person option:

The cost for this study is $20.  However, if study cost is a challenge, please let us know!  For more information, click on the video or fill out the contact form on our women's ministry page.