Pure Desire Ministries

Conquer Series - For Men Only

Too many men are drowning in sexual sin and pornography.  They try so hard to get free but they can't.  The noose only tightens.  There is hope!  There is freedom!  On January 30, 2018, the Conquer Series is coming!  Tuesdays (see schedule below) from 7-9 pm.

Whether you are from Surrey Alliance, have no faith community, or are involved in another church, we invite you to come.

The sessions will be as follows

January 30, 2018
Pizza kick off party 

February 6, 2018
Session 1:  The Mission

February 20, 2018
Session 2:  The Battle of the Brain

March 6, 2018
Session 3:  Strongholds of the Enemy 

March 20, 2018
Session 4:  The Soldier and his Armour 

April 3, 2018
Session 5:  The Battle Plan

Plan to join us - all men are invited to come. 

Further questions?  Just show up or contact Pastor Byron at [email protected]!