Care Ministry Groups

Care Ministry Groups

A Place for Deep Transformation Together

At Surrey Alliance, part of our vision is to be a place of healing and care for the brokenness we encounter in our lives, knowing that God’s plan for restoration and reconciliation is for all us, for all time, regardless of where we have been or what we have experienced.

We further believe that Jesus’ ministry of healing is holistic, meaning that he deeply cares for every part of our being -- physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Partnering with Pure Desire Ministries Surrey Alliance has been embarking on For Men Only and For Women Only Care Groups since 2014 that address the pain of betrayal and sexual brokenness.

Each gender specific group is facilitated by a trained individual who has gone through the program training and orientation process along with ongoing support and leadership development.

The vision of Care Ministry Groups is to provide a place of safety and care for people in their journeys towards holistic healing. To provide spaces for authenticity and togetherness, to encounter Jesus and experience his healing presence in our brokenness, and to allow his spirit to transform us into a new creation.

For more information about Care Ministry Groups, please feel free to contact Pastor Byron @